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Beach Buck Incentive Program

Beach Bucks.jpg


Have you heard about Beach Bucks? Beach Bucks is our incentive program for our patients that encourages

proper care for your braces and excellent oral hygiene. Beach bucks will be given at appointments and

can be turned in for gift cards to your favorite stores and restaurants.

Discounts / Promotions

At Aloha, we offer a variety of discounts. Talk with our Treatment Coordinator to see which of our discounts or promotions will benefit you the most.  

  • Military discount - 10% off of out-of-pocket costs.  All branches of the military are eligible.  ID will be required for verification.

  • First responder discount - 10% off of out-of-pocket costs.  This includes; firefighters, police officers, parametics, doctors, nurses and other hosptial staff members.  Some restrictions apply.

  • Family / sibling discount - $200 off early intervention treatment or $400 off full comprehensive treatment.

  • Standard coupon discount - $150 of early intervention treatment or $300 off full comprehensive treatment.

  • Insurance discounts - based on specific insurance plans fee schedules.

  • Referral discounts - $100 off treatment for both the referring patient and the patient being referred.  Both parties must be actively in treatment to receive the discount.  An alternative option to the $100 discount off treatment is 400 beach bucks.  Some restrictions apply.  This discount is offered for each new referral, not within the same household.

  • Treatment discount - Early intervention treatment discounts will be applied to Phase II treatment (full comprehensive treatment).  Some restrictions apply.

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